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الرئيسية » Veterinary convoy in the village of Abar Al-Malik, Akhmim Center

Veterinary convoy in the village of Abar Al-Malik, Akhmim Center

Under the patronage of Dr/ Mustafa Abdel-Khaleq, President of the University, and Dr/ Bahaa El-Din Ali Abdellah, the dean of the faculty, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Sohag University, organized a veterinary convoy in the village of Abar Al-Malik Akhmim Center, on Wednesday 9/8/2021. The convey includes 560 animals from cows, buffaloes, sheep, goats, and camels and 78 birds. The convoy included faculty members from the college specializing in internal diseases, stomach, surgery, reproductive and poultry diseases, Dr/ Mohamed Salama El-Qadi, Dr/ Ahmed Emam, Dr/ Ahmed Mohamed El-Sayed, Dr/ Ahmed Anwar Mahrous, Dr/ Lubna Mahmoud, Dr/ Nahla Fouad, Dr/ Wafaa, Dr/ Ahmed Abdel Hafeez, Dr/ Mustafa Omar, and a number of students in college.

Dr/ Hammad Al-Azazy, Director of the Animal Health Research Institute in Sohag Governorate, and Dr/ Tarek Lotfy, Director of the Akhmim Veterinary Department, also participated in the convoy. All veterinary services were provided to our people in the village, and the students were trained on methods of examination, treatment and correct communication with owners. Some samples of sick cases were taken for analysis in the college laboratories and studies were conducted on them to reach the causes of its spread and work to reduce it.