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The vision

Faculty seeks to spread the Veterinary health awareness among the breeders and shed light on the importance of preserving animal wealth in Egypt. It also includes the importance of promoting the level of the scientific research and develops it to comprise all the fields which related to the field problems with presenting the suitable solutions and achieving the self-sufficiency in animal protein and dairies and its products

The Mission

The mission of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine is to provide the labor market with competent veterinarians through preparing a knowledgeable basic structure and acquiring the required scientific skills for competing locally and universally. In addition to direct the scientific research, in the veterinary field, to serve the society and its needs in various veterinary fields.

The dean’s word
Prof. osama Hassan Abo Shama

Veterinary medicine forms a special importance in the human life through many things such as providing the healthy food of the animal source, the protection of the humans from the pests which are passed between the human and the animal and also controlling the diseases which destroy the animals and threat the animal wealth.   

Worthy mentioning is that since the establishment of the faculty in Egypt the concept and the importance of the veterinary medicine stabilized in the society through the role which the first generation of the graduates performed, which represented in getting the coThe


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